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Our Carbon Neutral Dedication!


Pains Fireworks are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact, and that's why we have taken steps to ensure that every display that we deliver is carbon neutral.

Reporting by the media on the impact of fireworks displays on the environment is often totally inaccurate with wild claims made about the quantities and types of pollutants produced. The truth is that a medium sized fireworks display actually produces the equivalent of an average car travelling around 20 miles.  

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To fully offset the carbon emissions from the displays that we provide, we are partnering with ‘Just One Tree’, a non-profit organisation who fund the restoration of forests around the globe.  We calculate the amount of CO2 produced from our displays and then make a donation which will enable new trees to be planted and offset the carbon produced.


We are committed to making environmentally friendly choices across every aspect of the company.

Such examples are that we use bio-LPG, eco-shot fireworks with recyclable casings and water soluable confetti on our range of events.


Using EnvCalc, the industry approved environmental calculator for fireworks, we're able to honestly and accurately work out the carbon footprint of your display.

Using this tool we can show you just how little of an impact our effects actually have.  

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