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£660.00 plus VAT (£792.00)
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Description: Click descriptions to view video

1 x 170 Shot Chain Reaction Z Cake:
With ever-increasing effects in golden tails to golden crackling willows, blue tails to more blue star silverfish. Culminating in a silver tail to crackle finale. Excellent duration of nearly 2 minutes.
Duration: 2 minutes
Angle: Straight up & Fanned

1 x 100 shot Fanfare:

A spectacular 100 shot battery, sending row after row of fireworks into the sky, made up of the following effects:

  • Crackling flower tails to red stars with crackle.

  • Crackling flower tails to green bouquet.

  • Colour mines to colour peony.

  • Green tails to silver spinners and spray crackle

  • A finale of whistling crackle tails to crackling white bouquets

Duration: 37 seconds
Angle: Fanned

1 x 80 shot Coliseum:

This heavyweight beast of a barrage sends massive brocade pine tails in a stunning arch from left to right across the sky before bursting into huge brocade crown breaks erupt above.
Duration: 35 seconds
Angle: Fanned

1 x 120 Shot Prism Z Cake:
Seeing is believing with this magnificent 120 shot barrage offering mixed and angled effects. 
Duration: 45 seconds
Angle: Straight up & Fanned

1 x 200 shot Retribution:

A monster of a compound barrage, offering varied firing patterns and massive professional quality breaks.
The effects include:

  • Blue/red stars with blink.

  • Blue tail to blue star to brocade crown.

  • Green tail to green star brocade

  • Silver whistling.

  • Colour tails to gold blink.

  • Colour coconut to chrysanthemum breaks and silver whistling.

Duration: 80 seconds
Angle: Straight up & fanned

5 x Portfires
1 x Set of instructions

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